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Seizing Opportunities in Active, Athleisure and Casual Apparel: US Department Stores Diversify Fashion Offerings

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Department stores’ apparel assortment has traditionally been weighted toward dressy apparel. We explore and analyze the opportunity for department stores to shift their apparel mix to more casual attire to reflect consumer demands. Our report covers the following:

  • Which department store is best positioned to adjust to casualization trends
  • How apparel categories have fared during the pandemic at leading department stores
  • Consumer preferences and behavior impacting apparel sales

Learn more about the growth of casualization in our report on athleisure here. Discover what’s next for department stores in our outlook on department store e-commerce here.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

Seizing Opportunities in Active, Athleisure and Casual Apparel: Coresight Research Analysis

Apparel Overview: Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Apparel

Kohl’s Overtakes Macy’s In Fiscal Year 2020 To Lead in Women’s Apparel

Casualization Will Propel Growth in Athleisure by 7% in 2022

Pandemic Weight Gains and Focus on Health and Wellness Drive Category Sales

Kohl’s Expands Active Portfolio and Revamps Women’s Casual Wear

Macy’s Focuses on Inclusive Women’s Casual Wear for Younger Women

Nordstrom Features Sports Equipment and Apparel as Well as Denim

JCPenney Focuses On Inclusive-Sizing for Everyone with Seven Collections

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