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RetailTech: HCM Software—Cultivating Retailers’ Core Human Investments

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Employees, in addition to inventory, are among the most valuable assets that a retailer possesses. HCM (human capital management) software aims to address specific challenges related to staff management that are unique to retail. In this report, we discuss these challenges and explore the functionality and leading vendors of HCM software.

This report is part of Coresight Research’s RetailTech series, in which we discuss leading retail technology companies and the products they offer. Click here to read the previous report in this series, which explores the modern supply chain and the software providers that are helping retailers ensure supply chain flexibility and resilience.


What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

HCM Software: A Deep Dive
Functions of HCM Software
HCM for Retail
HCM in the Age of Covid-19
Leading HCM Software Vendors
HCM Innovators
Other Vendors of HCM Solutions
Other HCM Topics

What We Think
Implications for Brands/Retailers
Implications for Technology Vendors

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