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RetailTech: Demand-Forecasting Software—An Essential Link in the Supply Chain

Coresight Research

What's Inside

Demand forecasting lies at the core of every retailer’s operations and supply chain, since it affects nearly every other retail business function—from sales and inventory to promotions and margins.

This report covers the following key content:

  • A discussion of the role of demand forecasting within retail supply chains
  • Examples of major retailers that are benefiting from demand-forecasting software—including Coach and Sainsbury’s
  • A market overview, with profiles of selected demand-forecasting solutions providers—including Blue Yonder, IBM and Oracle
  • The advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning within demand forecasting—as well as the value of human intuition
  • Implications for retailers, real estate firms and technology vendors

This report is part of Coresight Research’s RetailTech series. Click here to read the previous report in this series.


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