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Punchh: A Personalized Marketing Platform for the Restaurant Industry

Executive Summary

  • Historically, owners of large restaurant chains have had limited knowledge about their customers, which means they have often missed the opportunity to engage their most loyal customers to drive sales. In the past, when restaurant marketers launched campaigns, they could typically offer little assurance that those campaigns were effective, and restaurant operators often dedicated significant budgets to marketing without seeing a satisfactory return on their investment.
  • Punchh is a cloud-based technology platform that seeks to solve these problems by integrating customer data from point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile apps, social media and e-mail to deliver real-time customer insights for restaurant chains.
  • Punchh works with restaurants’ marketing teams to design loyalty programs and marketing campaigns that can effectively target different customer segments, based on real-time customer data. Restaurants that have worked with Punchh have seen increases of 25%–48% in visit frequency and increases of 10%–20% in average spend.Punchh recently partnered with Apple Pay to enable restaurant customers to earn and redeem loyalty points within Apple Pay.
  • About 500,000 of the 1.2 million restaurant locations in the US are part of enterprise chains, which are Punchh’s area of focus. There are more than 10 million restaurants worldwide, and Punchh sees an addressable market opportunity of more than $6 billion. In addition to restaurants, the company sees potential in adjacent industries such as retail, health and entertainment, which together represent 1.7 million store locations and an estimated $3 billion opportunity.

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