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Pioneer the Future of Retail at NextGen Commerce, a Coresight Research AI Conference—Event Preview

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On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, in New York City, Coresight Research, in collaboration with its esteemed AI Council, will host an exclusive, one-day AI Conference, NextGen Commerce. This transformative event will bring together a distinguished gathering of industry experts, thought leaders, academics, ethicists and innovators to explore the cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

NextGen Commerce—Event Preview: Coresight Research Insights

Sponsored by leading companies including Digital Wave Technology, Intel, Lily.ai, McFadyen Digital, One Door, SAP and Smartsense by DIGI, our in-person AI Conference is the culmination of months of productive meetings by the Coresight AI Council. This unprecedented event unites visionaries and practitioners within the retail community, promising insightful discussions on the intersection of AI with physical retail, supply chain dynamics, innovation, digital marketing, social commerce and investment strategies.

Key highlights of the conference include a deep dive into how generative AI reshapes decision-making for C-suite executives. Attendees will emerge with a profound understanding of how AI influences the strategic perspectives of top-level executives, as well as nuanced insights into the technology’s organizational integration and evolving role in decision support for leadership.

Our panelists, representing leading retail companies, AI solution providers and academia, will share real-world applications and case studies of AI in retail. These encompass areas such as customer personalization, inventory management, ethics, supply chain optimization and customer service. Esteemed speakers include luminaries such Claudia Cividino, President of Jared, Signet Jewelers; Sarah Holgram, Senior Director of Social Strategy at Macy’s; Milen Mahadevan, CEO of 84.51°, a Kroger Company; Jenna Posner, CDO of Solo Brands; William S. Taubman, COO of Taubman Centers; Steven Tristan Young, CMO of Poshmark; and many more.

You can view the full conference agenda here.

What We Think

We stand at a pivotal juncture in the evolutionary trajectory of AI, which now includes generative AI. Today, we witness the unfolding of transformative applications that harness this technology to accelerate content creation and distill key insights in and from various data formats, including text, video and even computer code. Now, developers are unveiling innovative generative AI-powered applications for enterprise users, and we eagerly look forward to the multiplicative power of combining generative AI with machine learning. This integration holds the promise of empowering retailers and enterprises to uncover trends and opportunities within their data through interactive, human-like conversations, eliminating the need for static dashboards crafted by dedicated teams. The horizon is set with numerous possibilities as we navigate this dynamic landscape of AI evolution.

With the NextGen Commerce conference being held at such an inflection point in retail, both for consumers and for retail technology, we excited to hear about how retail and technology leaders are considering and using AI.


Companies mentioned in this report include: 84.51° (a Kroger Company, NYSE: KR), Jared (Signet Jewelers, NYSE: SIG), Macy’s (NYSE: M), Poshmark, Solo Brands (NYSE: DTC), Taubman Centers