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Open for Business with Brad Santanna, The Hershey Company: Digital Signals and Omnichannel Consumer Engagement

What's Inside

Part of the Coresight Research & Blue Yonder Open for Business webinar series, we present the transcript from our conversation with Brad Santanna, Head of E-Commerce Sales at The Hershey Company, on July 1, 2020. As business leaders are managing their companies through the coronavirus crisis, we are working to stay engaged with, and facilitate an open dialogue for, companies of all sizes. This webinar offered insights into retail challenges and technology solutions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

The discussion covered the following key topics:

  • Changes in retailer and supplier relationships—with Santanna emphasizing collaboration as critical
  • Retailer media strategies across the shopper journey
  • The integration of digital signals into a consumer research plan—to identify consumer behaviors and opportunities
  • E-commerce penetration

A Q&A session also prompted conversation around omnichannel consumer engagement and the future of sales channels, including DTC—with Santanna sharing his advice on the unique value proposition.

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