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Notes from the 2019 Aptos Engage User Conference: A Parade of Devoted Customers

Executive Summary

The Coresight Research team attended Aptos‘ fourth annual ENGAGE user conference, held in Orlando Florida. Here are a few key takeaways from the event:

  • The current retail environment was characterized as “tough out there,” with retailers facing a host of challenges from inside and outside the industry, but modernization is being held back by lackluster capital spending.
  • The featured guest was the company’s Aptos ONE platform, a software platform that provides nearly all the functions a retailer needs, in a modular configuration comprising microservices for the various functions.
  • The event included testimonials from customers such as Ross Stores, WSS, Tapestry, Cole Haan, The Art of Shaving, The Vitamin Shoppe, Michael Kors, Buckle, and many more. Every customer lauded improvement from using Aptos ONE.
  • Aptos ONE, the successor to prior, more monolithic software packages, was designed from the ground up to be cloud native, omnichannel native, mobile first and flexible. The company stressed that users could continue to run prior packages such as the Store platform with Aptos ONE.

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