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New Retail Models in E-Commerce: Opportunities To Accelerate Growth

What's Inside

This is the first report of a series in which we explore new models of retailing across different sectors and channels. We will discuss how retailers and marketplaces are introducing new ways of selling and how consumers are changing the ways they shop. In this report, we focus on new retail models in e-commerce, with highlights from major players Alibaba and, among others.

E-commerce platforms, particularly in China and the US, are:

  • Using technologies to improve the shopping experience—including livestreaming functions and new storefronts.
  • Implementing extended features to better serve customers—such as dropshipping and alternative payment options.
  • Using consumer data to target shoppers effectively—by helping brands to adopt a consumer-to-manufacturer business model.
  • Forming partnerships to diversify offerings.

Launching creative initiatives to extend reach to customers—such as shoppable fashion TV shows.

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