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LuxeCX/AMCX Conference 2019: Luxury Brands and the Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Executive Summary

On September 25, 2019, Coresight Research attended LuxeCX/AMCX: The Role of Customer Experience in Business, a conference on the luxury business, hosted in New York City. Luxury brands and retailers, service providers and researchers discussed the role of customer service as a key determinant for consumers when making shopping and buying decisions. Key insights include:

  • As new upstart brands go after luxury stalwarts, the latter should leverage their heritage, product and service to differentiate as true luxury.
  • Customer feedback, often captured on social media, is essential to understand what is working with your customer.
  • High-quality data makes a difference: Luxury brands need tools to interpret the data.
  • Post-purchase consumer perceptions are more important than pre-purchase perception.

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