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Insights from Product Innovation Apparel New York

Executive Summary

On June 17-18, the Coresight Research team attended the PI Apparel New York conference. The event brought together retail industry disrupters to discuss retail challenges and coming technologies that can solve many of them. These are some of our insights from the event:

  • 3D technology took center stage at the event: 3D allows faster decision making, lowers sample cost, offer a better synergetic environment and improves sustainability.
  • Integration of product lifecycle management (PLM) and supply chain are critical: Time lost = sales lost.
  • The digital skills deficit is increasing in tandem with the need for a data-driven approach to product quality: Big tech offers some solutions.
  • Crafting a digital strategy, building a new operating model and infusing the right technologies are imperative for retailers and brands as they transition into the next generation of product creation.

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