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Innovator Profile: Savitude Leverages AI To Streamline Design

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This report forms part of our Innovator Profile series, which focuses on emerging technologies that are disrupting traditional retail and fueling innovation across the retail value chain.

In this free report, we profile Savitude, a provider of digital ideation and design solutions that leverages analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the efficiency of fashion design while enabling designers to continue expressing their creativity.

Coresight Research collaborated with Savitude to offer insights into the company’s business model and offerings.

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To learn more about Savitude and the use of AI technology in the shifting design landscape, read our separate Innovator Intelligence report.


What’s the Story?

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Savitude: In Detail

What Problem Is the Company Solving?

How the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Business

Case Study

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Upcoming Developments

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