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Innovator Intelligence: Leveraging AI To Enhance Creativity, Sustainability and Efficiency in Modern Fashion Design

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The world of fashion design has changed rapidly as brands and retailers have been forced to adapt to shifting consumer behavior. Increasing demand for fast fashion is being met with calls for sustainability and inclusivity in apparel—creating challenges for fashion brands and retailers.

In this report, we examine the current pain points and areas of opportunity for fashion brands, retailers and designers to improve the efficiency and creativity with which they design and to cater for a multitude of body shapes and sizes. We discuss three key challenges in the shifting design landscape:

  • The greater design speed and flexibility required by consumer-driven fashion cycles
  • Consumers’ and designers’ shift in focus away from the hourglass shape
  • Sustainability as an emerging value proposition—for consumers, investors and employees

We also explore an AI-driven digital fashion design solution by Savitude, which helps designers leverage their creativity to ideate and design quickly.

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This report forms part of our Innovator Intelligence series, which focuses on emerging technologies that are disrupting traditional retail and fueling innovation across the retail value chain.



The Shifting Design Landscape: Three Challenges

1. Consumer-Driven Fashion Cycles Require Greater Design Speed and Flexibility

2. Consumers and Designers Are Reducing Their Focus on the Hourglass Shape and Are Increasingly Emphasizing Designs for Multiple Body Types

3. Sustainability Is Emerging as a Key Value Proposition, Propelled by Advances in Analytics and Stakeholder Demands




Savitude: Optimizing Design Efficiency and Creativity

Key Competitive Advantages

1. Enabling Designers, Influencers and Brands To Incorporate Trends, Inspiration and “Brand DNA” Seamlessly

2. Promoting Designs Tailored to a Multitude of Body Shapes

3. Improving Design Efficiency and Reducing Waste

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