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Innovator Intelligence: Decoding Customer Data To Redefine Success in Category Management

Coresight Research

What's Inside

We discuss key trends impacting retail category management and how retailers and manufacturers can leverage technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to become more shopper-centric.

This report includes insights and discussion around the following topics:

  • Category management problems—including what product to carry, how to understand consumer demand and when to act on changing market trends
  • The top digital priorities of technology vendors in the changing retail landscape
  • Key skills for succeeding in category management—according to proprietary Coresight Research survey data
  • The challenge of harnessing real-time data for CPG manufacturers
  • The implications of incorrect category management decisions—and the benefits of effective category management

We also explore Centricity, an analytics company that leverages AI and machine learning to understand changing shopper demand in real time:

  • Centricity’s analytics platform—how it can help CPG manufacturers and retailers, and how the platform functions
  • Competitive advantage matrix
  • Business model and recent announcements

This report is sponsored by Centricity.

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