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How US Malls Can Embrace Digital Trends in Retail

What's Inside

Malls and shopping centers are grappling with reduced footfall and the pressures of an e-commerce surge. In this report, we discuss how mall operators can extend their position as physical platforms for their retail tenants in the digital world.

We present insights across the following key topics:

  • The future of the mall as an omnichannel platform—three recommendations for mall operators to pave a successful path forward
  • The current state of US malls and shopping centers—including occupancy rates, store-based fulfillment (such as ship-from-store) and pandemic-induced challenges
  • Shopper trends in the US—covering online vs. in-store shopping preferences, the role of convenience in omnichannel experiences and the need for mall owners to gain a holistic view of shopper demand

This free report is sponsored by Adeptmind, an AI (artificial intelligence)-based product-discovery solution for malls and shopping centers.

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