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Holiday Bites: Holiday Pulse—US Shoppers’ Spending Expectations This Holiday vs. Last Year, by Category

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Our Holiday Bites series provide free snapshots of Coresight Research data and findings, covering the shape and scale of consumer demand, retail sales and category performance in the 2021 holiday season. Click here to see more Holiday Bites as well as our in-depth research reports on US holiday retail.

  • Coresight Research’s November 15, 2021, survey provides a detailed update on US consumers’ behavior and expectations, with a focus on the implications for US retail. Click the image below to read our full survey findings.
  • Click here to view our full collection of US Consumer Tracker and US Consumer Tracker Extra   Premium subscribers can also access data from our weekly surveys in our US Consumer Tracker Databank.

  • More than one-fifth of consumers expect to spend more on food at home this holiday season, versus less than one in 10 who expect to spend less—representing the greatest net positive difference among all categories, at 12%.
  • Among nonfood categories, apparel and footwear is currently poised to make the most meaningful gains this year, based on the high proportion of respondents expecting to spend more.
  • Dining out and traveling saw high proportions of consumers report plans to spend less this season; traveling to visit people is net negative this month after being marginally net positive last month.
  • Although expectations to spend less are high for seasonal decorations, the net negative is marginal, at around 3%.