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Holiday 2020: US Shopper Survey—How Shifting Spending Patterns Will Impact Retail

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Coresight Research’s recent survey provides a detailed update on US consumers’ holiday 2020 shopping expectations, with a focus on the implications for US retail. Given the uncertain context to US consumer’s holiday shopping decisions, the shape and scale of consumer demand during the holiday peak is less certain than ever. We provide the following survey results and insights on how consumers will spend and how much:

  • Breakdowns across categories such as household income for how consumers will make their holiday purchases and their expected spends
  • Where retail could see gains—such as the potential benefits from expecting spending switches from services to products
  • Categories with expected spending cutbacks and what shoppers expect to buy as gifts

We also discuss insights from our results on consumer expectations related to when and where to shop, including:

  • Implications of coronavirus concerns on the frequency and location of shopping trips
  • Start of the holiday season, with insights into why some 30% of consumers expect to start shopping earlier this year
  • The most popular retailers for expected gift purchases, and the top factors that influence which retailers to shop with—including breakdowns by age

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