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Head-to-Head in Apparel Specialty Retail: H&M vs. Inditex (Zara)

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As part of Coresight Research’s Head-to-Head series, we compare H&M and Inditex (the owner of Zara), two of the biggest players in the global apparel specialty retail sector. We provide insights into five key elements of their businesses, including business model, financial metrics, distribution channels, environment, social and governance (ESG) goals, and technology innovation.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

H&M vs. Inditex: A Deep Dive


1 Business Model: Fast-Fashion Positioning and Pricing and Promotion Strategies

2 Financial Metrics: Revenues, Profitability and Inventory Turnover Rates

3 Changing Course of Distribution: Shrinking Store Estates and Switching Focus to E-commerce

4 Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Initiatives

5 Technology Innovations

What We Think

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