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Experience the Experience: Learnings for Brands, Retailers and Retail Real Estate Firms from ULI Asia Pacific

What's Inside

On February 3–4, 2021, ULI (Urban Land Institute) Asia Pacific hosted a virtual conference, “Experience the Experience,” for which Coresight Research was an innovator sponsor.

Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, and Echo Gong, Head of Greater China Advisory at Coresight Research, joined more than 40 thought leaders from 12 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas to tackle the issues in retail, hospitality, technology and real estate.

In this free report, we present key insights from the event, from retail innovation to consumer engagement and more.

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ULI Aisa Pacific: Experience the Experience—Eight Key Insights

  1. Digitalization Is Key to Weathering the Current Environment
  2. Retailers Must Consider Data Privacy in Analyzing Customer Data
  3. Omnichannel Retail Provides a Seamless Shopping Experience
  4. The Tenant Mix in Malls Shifts to Experiential/Lifestyle Concept
  5. Food-Delivery Services and Cloud Kitchens See Tailwinds
  6. Retailers Can Win by Increasing Engagement with Young Consumers
  7. Local Appreciation Is a New Trend for Gen Z
  8. Responsible Consumers Are on the Rise


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