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Amazon Apparel – US Survey Reveals What Shoppers Buy, Which Retailers They Have Switched from and Their Attitudes Toward Amazon as a Fashion Retailer

Executive Summary

Our survey of US shoppers has uncovered a wealth of findings on Amazon Fashion. Here are our top six takeaways:

  • As measured by number of shoppers, Amazon Fashion is neck and neck with Target as the second-most-shopped apparel retailer in the US. A large portion of Amazon’s apparel shoppers are Prime members, and approximately two-thirds of Prime members bought apparel on Amazon last year.
  • Amazon’s private-label ranges comprise the fourth-most-bought clothing or footwear “brand” on Amazon, even though the ranges are still relatively new. One in nine Amazon apparel shoppers surveyed said that they have bought Amazon private-label apparel.
  • Target is the top retailer that Amazon Fashion shoppers have switched some or all of their apparel spending from. Target apparel shoppers are also more likely than average to say that they expect to buy apparel on Amazon in the next 12 months.
  • Younger adult shoppers are looking for the full Amazon Fashion experience and are the age group most interested in trying Amazon’s apparel private labels and its Prime Wardrobe service. They are also the group most interested in the possibility of Amazon opening physical fashion stores.
  • Amazon Fashion shoppers are satisfied with the site’s online experience and cited the ease of browsing and searching as the top reason to buy apparel on the site. Only 12% of shoppers think that the site could be made easier to browse.
  • Amazon risks being viewed as an off-price retailer. Fully 48% of all Amazon apparel shoppers expect to always pay less than full price on the site, while only 12% shop on Amazon because its fashion ranges are up to date.

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