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Coronavirus Insights: US Survey Update—First Hints of an Apparel Recovery (Select Findings)

What's Inside

This report provides select findings from Coresight Research’s April 15 survey of US consumers on the coronavirus crisis, and provides an update to prior weeks’ survey reports. We asked respondents about the impact of the pandemic on their behaviors and their expectations, with a focus on implications for retailers.

This report is available for free and can be accessed by registering for a free account. Selected findings in this report include:

  • Whether consumers are buying more or less of any retail categories.
  • The trends in buying more or less apparel, and what this means for fashion spending.
  • The proportion of respondents that expect their spending to be impacted for more than six months.
  • The proportion of consumers that are extremely concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, trended week to week.
  • The proportion of consumers that are worried about losing jobs, part of their income or some of their working hours due to the COVID-19 outbreak, trended week to week.

Our full report is available to premium subscribers and provides additional survey findings including:

  • How concerned US consumers are about the coronavirus outbreak, what they are worried about, and how long they think the severe impacts of the outbreak will last.
  • Whether shoppers are buying more or less of any retail categories as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and, if so, which types of products.
  • When respondents expect their spending levels will return to normal. ·
  • Whether consumers are making more purchases online during the coronavirus outbreak and, if so, which categories.
  • Respondents’ concerns about jobs and incomes.
  • What proportion of US consumers are now avoiding public places or travel, and what kind of places they are avoiding.
  • Whether respondents expect to retain changed behaviors even after the COVID-19 outbreak ends and, if so, which.

Our latest research provides an update to our previous reports, which were based on surveys undertaken on April 8April 1March 25 and March 17–18. We provide week-over-week comparisons for many metrics.

In addition to this survey, Coresight Research is publishing ongoing coverage on the coronavirus outbreak which can be accessed here.



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