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Coronavirus Insights: Survey Finds US Shoppers Are Bracing for the Long Haul (Select Findings)

What's Inside

Coresight Research surveyed US consumers in mid-March 2020 about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their behaviors.

This report is available for free and can be accessed by registering for a free account.  This report features extracts of our full survey, including:

  • How concerned respondents are about the coronavirus outbreak.
  • The impact, or expected impact, on respondents’ jobs and incomes.
  • Which types of places they are currently avoiding.
  • Whether respondents expect to retain changed behaviors after the end of the outbreak.

Our full report is available to premium subscribers and provides additional survey findings including:

  • How concerned respondents are about the coronavirus outbreak, what they are worried about, and how long they think the impact will last.
  • Their concerns about job and income prospects.
  • The types of public places respondents currently avoid, and they types of places they will avoid should the pandemic worsen.
  • Whether they are buying more or less of any categories as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, and which categories they are buying more/less of.
  • Whether they expect to make more purchases online during the coronavirus outbreak and, if so, in which categories.
  • Whether they expect to retain changed behaviors even after the coronavirus outbreak ends and, if so, which behaviors.

In addition to this survey, Coresight Research is publishing ongoing coverage on the coronavirus outbreak which can be accessed here.

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