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Coresight Bites: How US Consumers Spent in 2022—Pandemic-Fueled Imbalance Is Yet To Be Corrected

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Coresight Bites provide free snapshots of Coresight Research data and findings.

 This graphic presents selected insights from our Data Dive on US consumer spending in 2022.

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  • The Covid-19 pandemic interrupted the multiyear shift in consumer spending away from discretionary retail categories and toward discretionary services.
  • Exceptional three-year growth in spending on durable goods in 2022, versus low-single-digit growth in spending on services, implies potential for a future meaningful rebalancing of consumer discretionary spending toward services.

Click the image below to read the full Data Dive report, which analyzes recent data on US consumer spending in 2022, with a focus on discretionary goods versus discretionary services.