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CoCoon Pitch Night 2019: Hearing from Six Platform Startups

Coresight Research

Key Points

The Coresight Research team attended the CoCoon Pitch Night Finals Spring 2019 held on
April 25 in Hong Kong.

  • The competition featured six early-stage companies: Lambda Sense, FindRecruiter, Boxs, BestShare, Borecast and Our Big Day.
  • The winner chosen by both a three-judge panel and through audience voting was Our Big Day, an online system that helps brides and grooms research wedding traditions, connect with wedding experts and share photos and videos on their own website.

The Coresight Research team attended the CoCoon Pitch Night Finals Spring 2019 held on
April 25, 2019 in Hong Kong, which was sponsored by Hong Kong Broadband Network and organized by CoCoon, an entrepreneurial exchange platform. CoCoon Pitch Night enables entrepreneurs to present their startups to a varied audience and seek potential investors and cofounders. In this report, we profile the six early-stage companies at the pitch night.

Leaders from the startups pitched their businesses to a three-judge panel that comprised:

  • Andy Yung, Managing Director of Yung’s Enterprise Holdings Limited, a family business that directs investment operations including various early-stage investments.
  • Anthony So, Associate Dean of Student Affairs in Engineering Faculty, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Henry Lee, Managing Partner of Hendale Capital, which invests in scalable businesses with high growth potential backed by core technologies.

Winner—Judges’ Decision and Audience Vote: Our Big Day

Founded by Jerome Tam, Our Big Day is an online system that helps couples research wedding traditions, connect with wedding experts, and share their wedding photos and videos on their own website. Couples can also find vendors and collaborate with wedding planners on the platform. Our Big Day’s charges are based on a handling fee of wedding red packets, advertising fees and commissions on vendor sales.


Lambda Sense

Founded by Barry Leung, Lambda Sense is a startup that develops machine learning technology to study people’s gait patterns to better monitor workers’ activities at sites such as airports. Its gait analysis technology can help authenticate staff at the airport and detect accidents by workers. It reduces the operation costs of security guards based on continuous authentication and identification. Lambda Sense charges fees based on individual projects.



FindRecruiter is an online marketplace that enables companies to discover qualified hiring recruiters around the world. It helps companies learn recruiters’ specializations and ratings, and pair job openings with specialists that can source suitable talent. Companies can also manage all of their recruiters on a centralized dashboard. FindRecruiter charges recruiters a subscription fee to conduct business development on the marketplace.



Founded by Roman Podkorytov, Boxs is a one-stop online shopping platform that provides automation tools and services to help businesses increase labor efficiency and business profitability, and decrease losses with help of software integration, hardware connection and point of sales (POS) systems. Currently, Boxs has a SaaS solution for the e-commerce and retail industries to prepare businesses for international growth. Its target customers include students, entrepreneurs and small to large businesses. Boxs charges based on monthly subscription and per-service fees.



Founded by Justin Zhou, BestShare is an artificial intelligence-enhanced treat-giving social app that enables users to send gifts such as movie tickets and lunch vouchers to others within seconds. It saves merchants the expense of mailing paper vouchers to customers, helps senders find treats, and spares receivers the trouble of going to retailers to collect rewards. Using the BestShare app, individuals first select a treat from brands or nearby merchants, then provide the treat recipient’s contact details and pay the merchant; the recipient receives a link to redeem the treat. BestShare charges based on commission of gift values and also based on add-on services that include targeted marketing.



Founded by Kev Lai, Borecast is a collaboration production management platform that aims to reduce downtime of tunnel-boring machine projects by enabling maintenance forecast and coordination between different departments. The company provides services including data visualization, analytics tools and customized information to facilitate better decision making and information flow. Borecast charges based on performance metrics.


The Winners

  • Champion: Our Big Day
  • 1st Runner Up: BestShare
  • 2nd Runner Up: FindRecruiter
  • “My Favorite Startup,” voted by the audience: Our Big Day

Our Big Day, BestShare and FindRecruiter were selected winners by the three-judge panel because they clearly addressed problems faced by their respective sectors and confidently presented ideas with feasible business models that could attract investment. For similar reasons, Our Big Day was voted the audience’s favorite startup.

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