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CES 2021 Day Two: Technology Companies Highlight Efforts To Increase Diversity and Inclusion

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CES 2021, an event held by the Consumer Technology Association, is taking place on January 11–14. The Coresight Research team presents our key insights from day two of the virtual event, which focused on initiatives launched, and progress made, by technology companies to benefit society in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as video gaming as a driver of technology. Sustainability, diversity and inclusion also emerged as key themes.

Coresight Research CEO and Founder Deborah Weinswig also presented on day two of CES 2021 and hosted fireside chats with leaders from Dick’s Sporting Goods and Alibaba Group. Click here to read highlights from the session.

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CES Day Two: 10 Key Insights

  1. The Tech Industry Provides Substantial Resources for Covid-19 Vaccine Development
  2. Companies Leverage Manufacturing Capacity To Produce PPE amid Covid-19
  3. Processor-PC Maker Partnerships Drive Innovation in Computing and Gaming
  4. Computer Gaming Is a Major Part of Many Consumers’ Everyday Lives
  5. Companies’ Efforts in Diversity and Inclusion Should Focus on Talent Retention
  6. The Future of Vehicles: All-Electric Offers Sustainability, Quality of Life and Safety
  7. The Future of Retailing Is To Agnostically Meet Consumers Wherever They Are
  8. Companies Can Achieve Inclusion via Suppliers, Startups and Employees in Other Geographies
  9. Consumer-Electronics Vendors Improve Supply Chain Resiliency
  10. AI Offers Massive Scale and Power, but Presents Challenges in Use and Data Bias

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