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Amazon Go Was Originally Forecast to Comprise 156 Stores with Sales of $639 Million in 2020, According to Leaked Company Documents

Executive Summary

Amazon documents from 2018 obtained and reviewed by the website The Information contained previously unknown details about the company’s plans for its Amazon Go stores:

  • Amazon had planned to open 56 Go stores by the end of 2018 and 156 Go stores by the end of 2020. To-date, the company has opened 15 stores and announced 18 more.
  • The company forecast revenues to grow from $28 million in 2018 to $639 million in 2020, revenues of $500,000 per store in 2018 growing to $4 million per store in 2020.
  • Amazon’s 2018 forecast appears aggressive in terms of the planned store rollout, yet it provides some interesting details on the business’ revenues and the expected financial performance.

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