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Amazon Apparel US Consumer Survey 2022: Amazon Dominates as Pandemic Impacts Fade

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Leveraging proprietary findings from our fifth annual Amazon apparel survey report, Coresight Research explores Amazon’s shifting position in an apparel sector reshaped by the pandemic.

We present key insights around the following topics:  

  • What proportion of US consumers are buying apparel from Amazon
  • Changes in apparel spending on Amazon compared to one year ago 
  • Which, if any, retailers Amazon’s clothing and footwear shoppers have switched their spending from 
  • What clothing and footwear brands and categories consumers are buying from Amazon 
  • Why consumers choose to buy clothing and footwear from Amazon
  • Amazon shoppers’ attitudes toward Amazon’s private-label offerings  

Click here to read the findings from the Amazon Apparel Consumer Survey 2021.

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Amazon Apparel US Consumer Survey 2022: Coresight Research Analysis

1. Reversal of Trends in “Have Bought” and “Expect to Buy”

2. Footwear and Casual Wear Remain Top While Formal Clothing Continues Its Striking Rise

3. Amazon Emerges as a Popular Apparel Brand

4. Speed, Value and Wider Choice Drive Apparel Sales on Amazon

5. What Amazon’s Apparel Shoppers Expect

6. Where (Else) and How Clothing and Footwear Shoppers Shop

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