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A New Reality Demands a Networked Product and Supply Chain Platform

Coresight Research

What's Inside

Covid-19 has accelerated the velocity of change in retail. We explore how the adoption of a multi-enterprise platform can help retail executives transform their business for this new era across the supply chain.

With analysis from a May 2020 Coresight Research survey, this report includes insights and discussion around the following topics:

  • Top business issues for retailers over the next 12–24 months—including supply chain agility and flexibility
  • The transformation of the digital supply chain—from data messaging on a one-to-one engagement model to network digitalization on a many-to-many basis
  • The schematics of a multi-enterprise platform and its key features
  • Business applications of a multi-enterprise platform

We also detail the benefits of multi-enterprise platforms, with case studies from Bamboo Rose, a leading multi-enterprise product and supply chain platform catering to retailers, brands and wholesalers.

This report is sponsored by Bamboo Rose.


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