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5G Wireless: Arrival of the Tech and Its Implications for Retail and Consumers

What's Inside

The major components of 5G wireless—infrastructure, coverage and handsets—are now largely in place across the world.

In this report, we explore the arrival of 5G technology, covering the following key topics:

  • The greater performance offered by 5G compared to 4G
  • The benefits that 5G offer for retailers and consumers
  • Recent developments in 5G—including industry partnerships, such as between Verizon, Microsoft and Nokia, as well as between Google and AT&T
  • 5G availability around the world—covering infrastructure and handsets
  • A discussion of whether 5G will displace cable modem or fiber-to-the-home—and the relative speed of wireline and wireless technologies

We discuss the implications of this technology for the retail industry, including brands/retailers, real estate firms and technology vendors.

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