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10 Trends in US Grocery

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The US grocery market is evolving rapidly, and the change brought by the pandemic will in many areas be permanent. We present 10 key grocery trends to watch in 2022, and identify strategies for brands and retailers to best capitalize on momentum in each area.

Our trend coverage ranges from pandemic-driven changes, such as the persistence of consumers’ new online grocery shopping habits and the increasing importance of sustainability, to nascent trends, such as the shifting balance between centralized and micro-fulfillment models.

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What’s the Story?

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10 Trends in US Grocery: Coresight Research Analysis

  1. Online Channel Resilience
  2. Booming Grocery Subscriptions
  3. Growing Momentum in Private-Label Products
  4. Proliferation of Ultrafast Grocery Delivery Startups
  5. Growing Focus on Retail Media
  6. Rollout of Competing Smart Checkout Technologies
  7. Competition Between Fulfillment Models
  8. The Brick-and-Mortar Threat from Amazon
  9. Discounters’ Store Fleet Expansion
  10. Increasing Emphasis on Sustainability

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