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10 Trends in US Furniture and Home-Furnishings Retailing

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We analyze 10 trends in US furniture and home-furnishings retailing, presenting key topics including:

  • Strengthening of brick-and-mortar strategies
  • Expanding product categories
  • Increasing supply chain and delivery network investment
  • Shifting to unified commerce with investments in technology and the metaverse
  • Using customer data for predictive analytics and personalization

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Market Scale and Opportunity

10 Trends in US Furniture and Home-Furnishings Retailing: Coresight Research Analysis

  1. Strengthening of Brick-and-Mortar Strategy
  2. Expanding Product Categories To Reach a Wider Audience
  3. Increasing Investment in Supply Chain Advancement and Delivery Networks
  4. Enhancing Consultative Approaches Through Associates
  5. Investing in Technology and Metaverse Launches for a Shift to Unified Commerce
  6. Using Customer Data for Predictive Analytics and Personalization
  7. Increasing Customer Preferences for Sustainability-Focused Companies
  8. Continuing Customer Purchases from Value-Focused Retailers and Mass Merchandisers
  9. Growing Demand for Furniture Rental and Secondhand Furniture
  10. Emphasizing Easy Order Pick-Up

What We Think

Appendix: About Coresight Research’s BEST Framework  

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