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Retail-Tech Landscape: Generative AI Infrastructure

The ability of GenAI (generative artificial intelligence) to create content and find relationships among data is enabled by multiple layers of infrastructure. Various tools and services are available for companies to maximize the potential of GenAI to gain a competitive advantage. We discuss key trends in GenAI infrastructure and present selected technology providers globally, with innovative solutions spanning model development, cloud services, AI chips and more.

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The State of In-Store Retailing: Opportunities To Redefine Operations

Understand the state of in-store retailing and dive into critical opportunities to redefine store operations with this comprehensive research report. From out-of-stocks to pricing issues, we uncover the challenges that lie between retailers and optimal store efficiency, and explore the transformative potential of store intelligence technologies to enhance efficiency, agility and innovation.

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The Future of Pricing: How AI Is Transforming Price Planning in Retail

What are the critical challenges that retailers need to tackle in using AI (artificial intelligence) for price planning, and why is it so important they do so? Dive into our survey-driven insights into the use of AI in retail pricing strategies, as well as the investment landscape, to discover the answer. Get a step ahead in the AI space to effectively execute an optimal pricing strategy.

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