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Sep 24 ›› 10:00 am - 10:30 am EDT

Retailers have wealth of data, but not enough time to dig into all the details and find new opportunities.

A recent Coresight study explored the value of sharing. The findings showed that by sharing sales and inventory data with suppliers, retailers can increase sales by up to 4%. With the U.S retail sales predicted to top $4.89 trillion in 2020, this equates to a $195 billion opportunity.

Empowering suppliers with data is good for your business. Attend this webinar to learn why retailers are saying “An educated vendor is the best partner.”

This event is powered by:

  • Deborah Weinswig - CEO & Founder, Coresight Reserach
  • Katherine Black - Advisory, Coresight Research
  • John Myers - VP, Customer Success- Analytics, SPS Commerce
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