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Adidas AG (DB: ADS) Company Profile

Adidas is a Germany-based brand owner and retailer of sportswear accessories, apparel and footwear. Headquartered in Bavaria, the company operates stores in Australia, China, the UK, the US and 15 other countries, plus e-commerce operations in over 160 countries.

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The Rise of Luxury Streetwear

With the casualization of fashion and rising young consumer populations, luxury brands are drawing inspiration from new sources, including streetwear brands. We explore the rise of streetwear in luxury and how luxury brands are embracing the segment.

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Video: Market Outlook—Global Luxury

Coresight Research senior analyst Swarooprani Muralidhar talks about our new research on the global luxury goods market. In this short video, we cover the luxury market’s trajectory, the impact of recent major macro factors, digitalization and the growing importance of China’s luxury consumers.

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