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3Q2017 Wrapup and Holiday Preview (Planalytics)

3Q17 Retail Update
1. Earnings: Positive Results Led by E-Commerce and Beauty Retailers
2. Store Traffic Continues to Be Challenged
3. Sluggish Traffic and Unfavorably Warm Weather Hurt Monthly Comps
4. Hurricanes’ Effect on Retail

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Retail Revolution – Disrupt or Be Disrupted (XSPECS)

Retail Traffic Is Down
• Retail traffic has continued to struggle, although it has been
showing slight improvement
• According to RetailNext, retail store traffic in July declined by
just 5.5%, its smallest drop since January 2016
• The conversion rate, which represents how many shoppers
became buyers, rose by 0.5% in both June and July, the highest
rate increase in almost a year

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