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Why Not-for-Resale Savings Could Be the Key to Unlocking Profitability

Covid-19 has seen retailers become laser-focused on profitability as they search for cost-saving initiatives to combat declines. Using proprietary Coreseight Research survey findings, this free report analyzes the negative impact of the crisis on business profitability and explores how NFR (not-for-resale goods and services) savings represent a substantial opportunity for retailers to unlocking profitability.

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Global Jeans Market: Sustainable Offerings and Technological Innovation Drive Resurgence

The global jeans market is experiencing a reinvigoration, driven by current fashion trends in streetwear and vintage styles, an increasing number of fits and silhouettes and the rise of casual dress codes in the workplace. Brands are implementing more sustainable manufacturing practices as well as investing in technological innovation to satisfy consumer needs.

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