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Research Preview: The Future of Malls

We offer an early look at research from our forthcoming report, The Future of Malls: Analyzing Mall Retail Dynamics Through 2030. In that report, we will provide quantitative predictions and analyze sector dynamics for US malls through 2030.

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Holiday 2022: US Retail Wrap-Up

We conclude our coverage of the 2022 holiday season in US retail, drawing on consumer survey data, shopper traffic data, retailers’ trading updates and retail sales data.

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September 2022 Leading Indicators of US Retail Sales: Macroeconomic Uncertainty as Fall Begins

In our monthly Leading Indicators of US Retail Sales series, we examine several key macroeconomic indicators of US retail sales and analyze how they may impact the industry in the months to come. We analyze the latest available data, as of September 23, 2022, covering income, savings, the job market and housing, and offer US retail sales projections.

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