Unpacking Trends and Predictions for Holiday, 2023 and Beyond

October 11, 2022Register for free access
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On Tuesday, October 11, join Deborah Weinswig, CEO & Founder of Coresight Research, and Ethan Chernofsky, VP, Marketing at Placer.ai, as they dive into the trends that impacted 2022, what this means for Holiday, and their biggest predictions for 2023. What you’ll learn:
  1. Predictions on how early the season will kick-off and what we can expect from a performance perspective
  2. The impact of Retail Media Networks, and how they rank amongst importance for in-store media networks and the overall retail landscape
  3. Whether the retail sector’s recovery trend a sign that we’ve passed the low point of the current economic challenges
  4. Which retail or retail segment gained the most amid a volatile 2022 and what that means for 2023
  5. The most important trends we foresee for malls and lifestyle centers in 2023 and our biggest predictions for the year!

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