Innovator Intelligence: How Retailers are Using AR & 3D Technology to Enhance the Online Customer Experience in the Age of COVID-19

May 11, 2020Register for free access
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Join Coresight Senior Analyst,  Steven Winnick, & Co-Founder & CEO of Marxent, Beck Besecker as they discuss:
  • What does the post-COVID future of retail look like given the current situation?
  • How COVID-19 is impacting the furniture and home improvment market, and whether or not  interest [in furniture and home improvement categories] - is accelerating e-commerce efforts
  • What are the biggest challenges that traditional retailers with e-commerce channels have faced with COVID
  • For companies that have been dependent on a physical presence and personal interaction for their largest sales (whole kitchen remodels, whole-house or multi-room interior design projects) what are the tools available to them to translate what they offer in store in terms of services and confidence building - to touchless, online and virtual scenarios
About Beck Besecker Beck Besecker is the co-founder and CEO of Marxent. Previously, Beck spent 13 years building interactive marketing solutions for Fortune 500 retailers and brands, including Target Stores and Tesco. In 1999, he founded Copient Technologies (now NCR AMS), which was acquired by NCR in 2003. Beck then served as EVP of New Business at Catalina Marketing. About Marxent Marxent was founded by brothers Beck and Barry Besecker in 2012, during the early days of mobile commerce. Retail was changing and new AR and VR technologies were starting to flood the marketplace, but the cost of 3D content was limiting adoption and usefulness. It became clear that retailers without in-house expertise needed a no-nonsense way to create, manage and deliver 3D content to a variety of customer experiences. In 2016, Marxent® 3D Cloud was born.

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