Coresight Innovator Showcase: Innovation Across the Retail Value Chain

February 18, 2021Register for free access
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In the current and post COVID-19 world, innovation is paramount; however, it can’t come at the cost of an organization’s efficiency. The accelerated digitalization and uptake of new technologies can help businesses thrive in the new normal. Coresight has tapped a global network of Innovators to curate 6 companies that are providing solutions to the most pressing topics in retail today.   Join us on February 18th to watch executives from innovative retail industry startups as they pitch their business’s unique innovations to a panel of judges from top retailers. This showcase's featured innovators are Inspectorio, Savitude, Newmine, Trivver, Engagement Agents, and Nexite. Keys Solutions Driving Retail Success in New Retail Environment: 
  • Return optimization: As e-commerce grows at a record pace, optimizing and reducing returns is increasingly becoming a priority for brands and retailers. 
  • Digital Product Design: Increasing demand for fast fashion is being met with calls for sustainability and inclusivity in apparel—creating challenges for fashion brands and retailers. 
  • Connected Merchandise: In a world that is increasingly connected Retail is not. IoT product-level tracking merges the online and offline experience, delivering game-changing retail experiences. 
  • Marketing Campaigns: Retailers and shopping centers are losing hundreds of billions of dollars in sales annually due to unoptimized marketing campaigns. 
  • Mixed Reality Experiences: As consumers continue to shop more from the home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers will likely increasingly turn to augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) to create engaging marketing content and customer experiences. 
  • Digital Supply Chain: The past decade has seen tremendous growth in supply chain cost, efficiency, and strategic proximity-to-market maneuvering — however, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a substantial vulnerability in those supply chains that did not also prioritize resilience. 

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