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East-to-West Learnings: How Chinese Grocery Retailers Have Enhanced Efficiency To Get Food to Consumers during the Coronavirus Crisis

During the coronavirus crisis, Chinese domestic retailers had to react quickly to the new reality of shopping in a nationwide lockdown. We discuss the actions taken by grocery retailers to enhance efficiency in response to a surge in demand, as well as the launch of other initiatives, such as creating product bundles and forming collaborations with other industry players. We consider how learnings from these examples could be applied to other markets.

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Coronavirus Insights: China Embraces Signs of Recovery

Since the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan in January, China has implemented unprecedented measures to control the spread of the virus. The nationwide lockdown looks to have been a success—we discuss signs that indicate the country is now on the road to recovery. We consider the implications for brands, as well as what the “new normal” might look like for China’s residents and businesses as the nation looks to move on from the coronavirus.

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East-to-West Learnings: How Grocery Retailers in China Have Addressed Labor Shortages During the Coronavirus Crisis

We look at the labor imbalance in China that has been caused by the coronavirus pandemic and how supermarket chains and grocery retailers are responding by launching co-employment initiatives with restaurant chains. We consider how retailers in the US could learn from China’s new employment models as the coronavirus situation worsens in the West.

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