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What’s Next for the Digitally Native DTC Apparel and Footwear Market?

Coresight Research

What's Inside

Over the past few years, many digitally native DTC apparel brands in the US have risen to prominence. We discuss key trends in the US digitally native DTC (direct-to-consumer) clothing and footwear market.

We examine what brands are doing to better serve this market and leverage the opportunities it presents, with examples from digitally native DTC brands including Allbirds, Bonobos and Outdoor Voices.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

The US Digitally Native DTC Apparel and Footwear Market: A Deep Dive

Market Size and Growth Projections

Five Key Trends

  1. Growth Drivers for 2021: Price, Quality and Convenience
  2. Product Category Expansion
  3. Best of Both Worlds: New Approaches to Combining Online with Offline
  4. Working with Third-Party Marketplaces and Retailers
  5. Community Building To Connect with Target Consumers

What We Think

Implications for Digitally Native DTC Apparel Brands and Retailers


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