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Weekly Insights Mar 25, 2016

Executive Summary

  • In this week’s From the Desk, we discuss Weinswig’s Hourglass Model, which illustrates where outperformance and underperformance are to be found in retail. The model is still relevant—not simply because budget retailers have seen sustained growth. At the top end of the hourglass, there is luxury, but that is not the only segment at the upper end of the market. There is another segment of the upper consumer market that continues to outperform: lifestyle brands.
  • Fashion brand Michael Kors announced its foray into the wearable industry at Baselworld 2016. The first item in the new wearable technology accessories line is the Michael Kors Access smartwatch, which starts at $395 and will be available in the fall of 2016.
  • Germany-based ecommerce pureplay Zalando, last week delivered its first parcel from a store, in a move to become the platform that connects its brands and its customers. Through its logistics network, Zalando collected and delivered a purchase from Bodycheck, a lifestyle store in Berlin on March 17.
  • Panasonic has developed a device to monitor signals sent between electronic control units inside a car via an internal communications network based on the widely used Controller Access Network protocol. Unauthorized signals are detected and canceled out.

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