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Weekly Insights Aug 19, 2016

Executive Summary

  • This week’s note “From the Desk of Deborah Weinswig” highlights the US Fung Global Retail & Technology team’s participation in the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas this week, as well as our key takeaways from the event.
  • For a limited time, McDonald’s will be giving away fitness trackers with Happy Meals, replacing the plastic figurine or toy that is typically included. The fitness trackers will come in six colors and will count steps and blink according to how quickly the wearer is moving.
  • In pursuit of a more modern and flexible business intelligence system, German discount chain Lidl is currently spending millions on new IT systems that reportedly can optimize its product range, pricing, consumer communication and discounts.
  • Many Thai firms are investing heavily in healthcare for the aging population, as Thailand will see those over 60 account for more than 15% of its total population by the end of 2016. CT Asia Robotics offers an elderly care robot, Dinsow, that can keep track of elderly consumers’ medication, video-phone their relatives, exercise together with them and even entertain them with karaoke skills.

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