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Using Technology To Address Challenges in the Staffing of Hourly Frontline Workers in Retail and Hospitality

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In the current environment of labor shortages and heightened competition for hourly workers, we explore the challenges that service-industry employers face in setting schedules for hourly frontline workers, and we discuss their future priorities and plans for implementing staffing platforms.

We leverage findings from Coresight Research survey of mid-sized to large enterprises in the retail, hotel, restaurant and other hospitality sectors.

This report is sponsored by Workday, a provider of enterprise cloud applications for financial management, human resources, planning, spend management and analytics.

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Staffing Challenges in Retail and Hospitality: Survey Analysis

Current Usage of Workforce Management Platforms

Significant Financial Impacts of Poor Forecasting and Scheduling

Employer Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction with Current Platforms

Challenges in Setting Schedules

Employers’ Views on Employee Sentiment

Employers’ Future Plans for Workforce Scheduling Platforms

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