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US Holiday Gifting 2022: Decoding Shopper Plans Amid Increasing Uncertainty

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What's Inside

We discuss what shopping for gifts might look like in the 2022 holiday season. Leveraging a Coresight Research survey of US gift shoppers, we present key trends and consider how retailers can meet the expectations of value-oriented and budget-conscious shoppers while capitalizing on the still-growing gifting economy. 

  • Our discussion includes insights on the following:
  • The impacts of inflation
  • Influential factors in shoppers’ purchasing decisions
  • The length of the holiday shopping window
  • Spending plans, both online and in-store
  • Popular gifting categories (including gift cards)
  • Popular channels for gift searching and purchasing
  • The top challenges for shoppers in online gift shopping
  • The impact of innovation in the overall digital gift-giving experience

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Market Scale and Opportunity

US Holiday Gifting 2022: Coresight Research x GiftNow Analysis

1. Inflation To Impact Holiday Gifting Budget for Most Americans

2. Pricing Will Be the Biggest Influence on Gift Purchasing

3. Long Shopping Window Extends Further This Holiday Season

4. Inflation Will Not Take Away from Shopper Enthusiasm During the Holidays

5. Gift Cards Top the List of Preferred Gifts Shoppers Would Like To Receive

6. Online Channel To Remain Strong for Gift Shopping

7. Online Shopping Is Challenging—Even More So for Gifts

8. Digital Gifting Innovations Can Alleviate Challenges

Holiday Gifting in 2022 and Beyond: Key Recommendations


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