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US Grocery Discounters: Price Competition Intensifies

What's Inside

We discuss the US grocery discounter landscape, focusing on prominent players Aldi, Save A Lot, Grocery Outlet and Lidl. We assess their growth momentum, store expansion strategies and e-commerce initiatives, and the implications for other grocery retailers.

Data in this report include:

  • Grocery discount channel vs. total US grocery market YoY % growth
  • Selected discounters’ estimated annual sales
  • Selected discounters’ and total US grocery store visits YoY growth
  • Selected discounters’ store visit duration breakdown
  • Aldi US, Save A Lot, Grocery Outlet and Lidl US: total store count and maps

Companies mentioned in this report include: Albertsons, Aldi, Grocery Outlet, Lidl US, Kroger, Save A Lot

Other relevant research:

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