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US Generations and Spending: The Future of Millennials’ Consumer Behavior, Influenced by Covid-19

What's Inside

In this first report in our US Generations and Spending series, we focus on the buying behaviors of millennials, which have recently been altered by the coronavirus lockdown. We explore how these changes may impact millennials’ spending in the long term. 

This report covers the following key content: 

  • Product categories that US millennials have been buying more of during the coronavirus lockdown 
  • Ways in which millennial consumers expect to change their behavior after the outbreak ends 
  • The size of the millennial demographic in the US and its expected growth through 2030 
  • Millennial households’ share of total US spending—and average expenditure on different retail categories 

We discuss the implications for retailers and the actions that they could take to adapt their assortment and selling strategies to reflect millennials’ changed spending behaviors moving forward. 

Click here to read Coresight Research’s coverage of the Covid-19 crisis, which includes weekly surveys on US consumers’ behaviors, concerns and expectations, with a focus on the implications for US retail. 

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