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US Back to School 2020: A Redefined Shopping Basket

What's Inside

Our US Back to School 2020 series explores the back-to-school (BTS) and back-to-college (BTC)—which we will collectively refer to as to “back-to-class”— season, considering consumer shopping behaviors amid the coronavirus crisis and the implications for retail.

In this report, we discuss how uncertainty around varied school and college reopening models will impact retail, covering three key topics:

  1. The redefined back-to-class basket—including the impact on BTS and BTC product categories of reopening scenarios (in-person and remote learning)
  2. The challenges that retailers face in determining demand—such as understanding localized needs to optimize inventory
  3. The implications of the transformed BTC season for students and retailers—including changed spending behaviors

Click here to read the previous report in our US Back to School 2020 series, which presents Coresight Resarch’s estimates for consumer spending on shopping for school and college, and discusses the four core market drivers behind our expectations.

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