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Think Tank: Livestreaming E-Commerce—Opportunity in the US

What's Inside

Accelerated digital adoption has opened the door for livestreaming e-commerce to gain traction in the US. The social, interactive channel presents opportunity for brands and retailers to engage with shoppers, adapt to changing consumer preferences and increase sales.

Livestreaming will likely become a major marketing strategy for retailers in the US as they look to further build on their digital presence and offer omnichannel experiences. We explore the US market, covering the following topics:

  • What is livestreaming e-commerce?
  • Development of the channel—from its origins in China to the growth opportunity in the US
  • The US livestreaming e-commerce ecosystem—including platforms, infrastructure and integration
  • Recent capital investment in the US livestreaming sector
  • Four key market drivers
  • Market outlook

This report is part of the Coresight Research Think Tank series, which delves into the trends and segments that we have identified as presenting growth opportunities in retail in 2021 and beyond, as outlined in our Retail 2021: Global Trends report. Other reports in the Think Tank series include Textile Innovations in the Apparel and Footwear Market, SPACs in Retail, Community Group Buying in China and The US Adaptive Apparel Market.

For more on livestreaming e-commerce, read our separate Playbook, which presents five best practices for US brands and retailers to develop winning strategies in this space.

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