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The Future Model of US Department Stores

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With the rise in e-commerce amid pandemic-led disruption, the transformation of the department store model will be pivotal to the future success of the sector. In this report, we discuss the backdrop of the digital era as a key influencer in the transformation of department stores and explore five key trends that are integral to the future of the sector:

  1. Experimental formats
  2. Specialized stores
  3. Endless aisle inventory
  4. New partnership models
  5. Stores as fulfillment hubs

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

The Future of the Department Store in the US

  1. Experimental Formats
  2. Specialized Stores: Assortment, Categories and Value
  3. Endless Aisle Inventory: Online Expansion
  4. New Partnership Models: Less Inventory Held Through New Models
  5. Stores as Fulfillment Hubs To Increase Efficiency and Reduce Shipping Costs

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